Content Development

Our subject matter experts are tech-savvy and aim to use the digital medium to its full potential for teaching and learning.


We employ full time subject matter experts and authors, specializing in mathematics. Our experts are tech-savvy, and have experience designing interactive activities and authoring course content for elementary through college math.

We have many years of experience in content development for traditional textbook or digital platforms, including: lesson plans, animations, tools, question databases, games, and plans for differentiation of content.

Editorial Services

Creating learning objects and SCOs (Shareable Content Objects) require a range of editorial services. We do everything from brainstorming content, spec-writing, ALT text writing, spec review, copy-editing and final product review. Contact Us for more information.

thumbnail diagram showing process of brainstorming, editing, tracking and review.

Metadata Authoring

Our team also has experience in identifying and recording key words, standards, math practices, DOK, and other metadata associated with content.

Project Management

We're skilled at keeping track of all the moving parts in projects large and small. Status meetings, tracking spreadsheets (ex. Google Sheets, Smartsheets) and schedules are all part of our daily vocabulary. You can trust us to deliver on budget and on time.

Other Disciplines

We've written content for elementary and middle school math, University level Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. However, our connections at local universities allow us to pull in experts from other fields as needed, such as health, language arts, social studies, economics, and the sciences.

A Turnkey Solution

If you are developing your software product from scratch, consider using us as a turnkey solution. We also offer services for documenting, programming, designing, and testing software products.