Quality Assurance

We provide exceptional quality assurance on source code, executables and paper based products.

Software executables

Whether we developed the code for you or you just need a second pair of eyes on it, we have the expertise to assure the quality of your software.

We author test cases from the software’s original documentation (regardless of who wrote it) and test against that. This ensures that the application matches the material that has been described in its technical specification.

If you are developing your software product from scratch, consider using us as a turnkey solution. We also offer services for documenting, programming, designing, and developing content for software products.

Source code

Do you have software built by another company? Are you wondering whether the code you have is up to current standards, or whether it can be repurposed or converted to another language for another platform? We can analyze the code for you and answer any questions you may have.

Print based materials

For print based material, we use subject matter experts (SMEs) and project managers with strong backgrounds in the discipline required. This combination of experience and expertise ensures that the client has the cleanest possible product.